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Secure your boundaries with electrified fencing. Keep you and your property secure.


Electric fence solution for roof

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Advantages of electric fencing


Electric fencing has become very popular in South Africa and for good reason. The system is effective and alerts the user to any tampering or alarm. For industrial use these can also be deployed in a monitoring system and trigger outputs or accessories to further enhance the overall effectiveness of the system.

  • Easily expanable
  • Effective
  • Upgrades are availble
  • Intergration
  • Zoning off areas
  • Alarm intergration
  • Customizable

Need more?

Our electric fencing solutions can be customized to meet your specific security and budget needs. Our fences can also be customized with other expansion devices such as Ethernet connectivity, relays,the possibilities are endless. Contact us today to find out more how we can help you, Or we can come do a site visit and figure it out together.

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